AUGUST 17-19

SESSION I:  3:15 -4:45 PM :: Freshman

SESSION II:  4:45 -6:45 PM :: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

Note – It is possible for a Freshman to be pulled up to the second session.


Girls must have turned in a completed and signed physical form and a signed concussion release form before they will be allowed to tryout.  These forms must be signed by both the athlete and a parent/guardian.  Please turn in these forms to the main office (Jennifer Sanderson) before tryouts begin.


2020 Volleyball Rosters

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and effort during tryouts and hope you will be a support system for the volleyball program this next year. If you did not make a team, but still want to be part of the program, we are looking for managers to help us out. Managers are a very important part of our team. Below are the team for the upcoming 2020 season.


  • Abby Hanson
  • Ally Messbarger
  • Courtney Beers
  • Courtney Jackson
  • Dylan Holmes
  • Emily Slightom
  • Emmy Sher
  • Jillian Huckabey
  • Julia Headley
  • Lauren Roediger
  • Madison Graham
  • Skyler Pierce


  • Abigayle Brown
  • Addisyn Amparano
  • Ashlyn Minshall
  • Carmela McGory
  • Chloe Robertson
  • Daisy Toepfer
  • Grace Leeper
  • Maddie Nguyen
  • Madi Mossman
  • Maylie Foster
  • Taelyn Quillin
  • Taylor Howell


  • Addisen Horn
  • Ali Glasscock
  • Anna Wolfe
  • Autumn Berthold
  • Brynn LaChance
  • Brynn Reeves
  • Katie McCormick
  • Kendall Williams
  • Madi Wyatt
  • Mia Klopfenstine
  • Sarah Clark
  • Skyler Holmes


  • Abby Bowen
  • Abby Pointelin
  • Adale Gonzalez
  • Alex Hanton
  • Bianca Mejia
  • Gisselle Chavez
  • Gretchen Renfrow
  • Hannah Kostreva
  • Kenzie Haynes
  • Kiersten Anderson
  • Kiersten Matthews
  • Mia Tomlinson
  • Quinlan Moore
  • Zoey White